As Seasons Fleet

by Waves of Mercury

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released September 1, 2013

David Richardson - Vocals and Drums
Greg Richardson - Guitars and Six String Fretless Bass
Antony Johnston - Lyrics

Recorded 2012 - 2013 at Studio Czar
Produced, Recorded and Mixed by The Czar
Music by Waves of Mercury
Vocal Arrangements by David Richardson & Antony Johnston

Cover and Booklet Design: Antony Johnston
Cover Photography : Holly Norval (CC BY 2.0 FLICKR)
All Music © Waves Of Mercury / Last Of Nine Recordings


all rights reserved



Waves of Mercury Minnesota

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Track Name: Spring's Hollow Bloom
Consume me, as blossom covers earth
Rise again, a tableau that forsakes
Twin miracles, the birth of perfect hate
A thousand lies, to fall and so to pray

They fester in joy
And offend every eye
Born to brush the sky
And pluck roses from heaven

Consume me, as blossom covers earth
Rise again, a tableau that forsakes
Twin miracles, a life of perfect hate
A million lies, praying as we fade

In silence, the ghost of ardent life
It passes, and ashes fill the sky
Of reverence, it knows and it reviles
All beauty, so eager to deny

A debt of souls, withered and denied
Ophelia drifts pale into the night

It grows, it burns
As cold as midnight sun
The flames of Gemini
Sear flesh from the undone

Red scars of longing
The loss of lovers past
Dread fear, the sadness
Red shards of shattered glass

Man's hope, laid waste
Such tyranny in the womb
And I resent them
These hollow blooms
Track Name: The Dying Of Our Summer's Day
As the day succumbs to night
I slowly drown
Deep inside the fear
I cling to life
Helpless as the sun goes down

We gather to ourselves
All sorrow in haste
And flee to our refuge
Sad remnants of grace

As I grasp the straws of hate
My hands do betray
Red with guilt
And sick with pride
As my god lies broken
These tears will be mine

We gather to ourselves
All sorrow in haste
And flee to our refuge
Sad remnants of grace

Centuries of our temptation
Weigh heavily upon us
The burden of black salvation
All sick, and irreligious

The minutes of our sad destiny
Fleeting quick, wither and fade
All life is here to bear witness
To the dying of our summer's day
Track Name: Falling In Autumn
You see them
You hear them
You feel them
Falling in Autumn

They call you
They haunt you
They loathe you
Sons and daughters

The child pretends
The man is lost
In chaos and contempt
The living count the cost

Watching and waiting, dead lust overtaking
Swollen and hating and killing to live
Justice forsaken, promises forgotten
So venal and rotten, with nothing left to give

Ruling and fooling, the king of the moon, his
Deception intention will make us all pay
Enter the swine, cross the rubicon line
As the seasons decline, sell your soul for a day

He knows them
Desires them
He drags them
Out of the light

She strips you
Devours you
She loves you
This final night
Track Name: Winter, Your Fortress
Your frozen hands, a clock of ages
Ice blood flows through these veins
Your enigmatic smile, so cold
A season's dream longs for day

The lies you told cut so deep
Slings and arrows of dread import
Impervious, oblivious
No horn could fracture these walls

I can't speak, words do not come
Take me away, render my heart numb
I stumble and fall, upon hostile ground
Lies like stone, my fate is bound

The earnest prayer on my lips turns to dust, like all things
A false foundation mocks this world, and passes through
Unassailed by conscience, uncaring of consequence
Thus the arrow is loosed by the archer of all truth

The ringing chimes, so clear and blue
Glancing skin like a lover's kiss
Shiver softly, this winter's chill
No man or woman should come to this

Our crystal bloom lies shattered, a thousand singing shards
When the veil covers us all, as below so above
Never to witness the fabled thaw of our solitude
So damned, to seek in vain the secrets of our love
Close your eyes, let slumber take hold, and be not bitter
Frozen forever in eternal night, your fortress of winter

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