The Letters

by Waves of Mercury

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(free) 02:32


released February 16, 2012

Dave: Drums & Vocals
Greg: Guitars, Six String Fretless Bass, Keys & Mellotron

Michelle: Vocals on 'Old Man and the Sea' and 'Let Me Fall'
Chad: Guitar Solo on 'Empty'



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Waves of Mercury Minnesota

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Track Name: And I Wonder
So you're let down again
did they try not to
All the promises they made
they were not for you

And I wonder why you try
and I wonder why you care
Is it called commitment,
when you're the only one there
And I wonder do you hope
and I wonder do you pray
That this sorrow will end
and you'll be happy one day

You tried to rebuild that bridge
when it fell before you
But on the other side...
is another broke in two.

And it's time to say goodbye
To leave it all behind you
Track Name: The Three
Three little angel flawed,
oh how they loved, oh how they loved
The devil inside of me,
he hid all that they meant to me

Now two have gone and one has flown away,
If they were here this is what I would say
Each of you has left their mark upon my soul,
without you I could not be whole

The first, she gave to me
the passion that I could never see
And the second, a friend so true, and the third,
all the strength to help me though

But I still think of you,
when I hear her sing
"Your heart's been hard to find"
Track Name: Bit of Light
Oh how they try to fill the void,
inside of you, they have left inside
And stumbling you fall upon a life so broken,
pick up the pieces, but you can't find the order

And then you find a tiny bit of light
to brighten up your darkening sky
And all the joy that you've never known,
is finally here, is finally shown
But can it last so long,
how can it last for so long

And so you felt it for a moment
and that can last you through your days
Through the darkness and the sorrow
and you long to find you way
As all hope is turned to anguish
and the darkness fills the night
It keeps getting so much harder to find
these tiny bits of light

As the light begins to fade
Track Name: December
You went away on a cold December
Days haven't been the same since you've been gone
I wish you had said goodbye, but I will remember
All the times that we had for so long

The summer was long and we hoped for the answers
But some things are hidden... often too well
Please tell me my friend, did you find what you're after
Searching for peace to the tolling of the bell

And we long to laugh, And we long to share
And we find that we find you everywhere
And we hope and we pray that you found
What you could not find here

We'll never forget you and always remember
The joy that we had before December
We'll see you again I know the wait won't be easy
You're still in our hearts, although you have gone away
Track Name: Empty
Empty Inside. In a crowded room,
I'm all alone
I've tried for so long
to hide behind a smile

Where is my place, that I can fit in
Can I erase all that's gone before
And in my world so all alone...
I call my home

In a backward mood, the source is hidden
Often too well.
Is there a way out of this maze,
my mind won't tell.

And I didn't let you see
what was inside killin' me
And I'm sorry I had to go
and didn't let you know
But think of me with love as
I'm watching from above
All times must come to ends
...I'll miss you my friends
Track Name: The Old Man and the Sea
In a place by the coast,
lived a man by the sea
His memory brings on a smile,
thoughts of what used to be

When the waves crash upon the rock
and the ocean calls to me
And a bell in the distance tells
of the old man and the sea

A woman stands upon the shore,
her tears mix with the sea
A love lost so long ago,
her dreams will never be

The bell rolls on the ocean floor,
sings to those lost at sea
The bell calls to those upon the land,
who still yearn to be...
Upon the waves, with the wind
To be lost in the wild wild sea
Track Name: These Walls
We've become so distant
We've made these walls we can't overcome
But given time,we'll find a way to make it all undone

There are walls (We build without knowing)
These walls (We build,but cannot climb)
Through these walls (We try to live but cannot breathe)
Within these walls (They keep us from living life)

Day by day we find, we can't go on like this
Like we've been left behind and no one will miss us
And we have got to find a way to tear these walls down
But as long as we have hope, one day these walls will fall
Track Name: Find Our Way
I stand watching from a distance
And I have to say something before it's too late

I see you struggle as life brings you down
Help is nowhere to be found
But with hope we can find our way
To make it through this day

Maybe with a little luck, we can find our way
Maybe with a little love, we can smile today

The sad thing is that life can tear you down
And you've got to do something before it falls apart

Sometimes I wonder, if we'll find our way
As we all stumble through every day
Track Name: All Alone
Snowfall reminds me...only of you
I lie at night thinking...only of you
Every breath I take, Feels as though I betray
The promise I made to you

In my dreams I hold you tight,
Eternity is in the night
I wake and you're not there
My world crumbles to the ground,
always lost but never found
This pain too much to bear

All Alone

The rain it falls and reminds me...only of you
When the sun blinds me, sometimes I see you
I promised you that we'd be together for eternity
But then that day made it so untrue

All alone awake at night
I wish I could,but cannot fight
the events that took you
If I could I would be there
I hope you know how much i care
and miss you
Track Name: How Can I...?
How do I learn
When all the toys of youth have turned to rust
And who do I call to
When all I've dreamed has simply turned to dust

How can I miss what I don't understand
How can I walk when I find it hard to stand
Where will I run to know that you're no more
Where do I turn when I can't remember what I'm fighting for

There is no shame in these tears
Although it seems they never end
It is all I fear, some wounds will never mend

Your season has come and gone
Mere moments lost in time
Going through the motions until I find how to say goodbye
Track Name: Let Me Fall
If we cling too tight and the air is drawn away
Could we survive in this world that we create
Are words that bind, our hearts entwined

If I cling to tight and your air is drawn away
Could you survive in this world that I create
If I take your wings,never to fly again
And lock them safe away
Would the sky beacon you to fly another day

What would you do, if I let you fly away
Would you remember me and come back another day
Or would the sky trouble me as if to say
Now you're on your own and found yourself again

You have to learn to let me fall
And if I fly too high,I will come crashing down
The choice is mine to make, so give me back my wings
They were never yours to take

But if I go then you will see, I will come back to you
Although you set me free ...