Dark Shores

by Waves of Mercury

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scotthermansen Excellent Progressive Rock/Metal paired with a very capable vocalist. Sad, beautiful, and "heavy" in every sense of the word. In a just world this band would be huge !
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This did not originally start out as a new Waves of Mercury ep.
The first two songs started with tons of distorted guitars, but we decided to try something different, and they were not considered "Waves" songs. But as we kept writing, the songs picked up where the last left off and got heavier with each new song.
By the time we finished the fourth song, we realized this was perfect for a new Waves of Mercury ep.
It feels like a journey.
We hope you like it.
Thank you for listening.

As always, when you download the album, you will get the pdf file with the cover art and lyric sheet that you can print out to make a booklet.


released February 1, 2020

Waves of Mercury:
David Richardson: Vocals & Drums
Greg Richardson: Guitars & 6 String Fretless Bass
Antony Johnston: Lyrics

Music by Waves of Mercury
Vocal Arrangements by David & Antony

Recorded 2017-2019 at the Studio Czar
Produced, Recorded & Mixed by The Czar
Cover & Booklet design by Antony Johnston
Cover Photo: Skitterphoto/Pexels.com
All music © Waves of Mercury/Last of Nine Recordings


all rights reserved



Waves of Mercury Minnesota

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Track Name: Elevation
Elevation -

Would you live to see
What becomes of you and me
Would you take a vow
Upon this ship’s cleaving bow

And when I call across the dark
You hear me
Transmission pierces the night
And every vision speaks of time
Blind eyes see
And when I fall I know you rise
World ending

Can you bear to be
The fate of everything that’s me
Can you have no doubt
Armies of men will rout

Will you deliver them
And salvage cruelty instead
Will you break apart
If only for my heart

Run aground on scarred rock shores
Becalmed as long as shadows fall
Now the light becomes a sound
We are gathered in the storm

And when I’m here in the night
You call me
Transmission swallowed by the day
And every vision now is blind
Speak lightly
And as I end I watch you rise
World falling

Did you think of me
When fortune stole silently
Did you send us all
Below the sky, above the wall
Track Name: Isolation
Isolation -

Absence makes the
Like crystals shine
Divide and conquer love
So embrace me

The one who bows to none
He will carry on and on
What will he come upon?

Lie still upon the
Like ice upon the
Lie still upon the shore
And teach me

And those who bow to none
They will carry on and on
What will they come upon?

Lost souls wander in nothing
Where warmth will not be found
Proud and loud, the tribes are drumming
With this cold life they will surround
The fire emerges from the deep
The fire sweeps fever over me
The fire enshrouds all that will be

Burned to the core
Flames lift the veil
Forgive our defenses
And lead me

What will we come upon?
Track Name: Ruination
Ruination -

The old man cries
His grail a failing heart
And once again, alone
I depart

Reveal now the call
In the chaos of this hall
Stones erode and fall
Amid a life of ruination

The young man dies
His prayers torn apart
And now another blow
To his heart

Reveal now the call
In the chaos of this hall
Stones erode and fall
Mourning a life of ruination

Across the river’s breadth he walks
The hunter cloaked in ancient dreams
Direction certain, and assured
Cannot be stopped by earthly means

He tells the tale we have forgot
A story wise as winter’s moon
His arrow flies, entropy rots
The song of ruin will play soon
Track Name: Salvation
Salvation -

We fly the black stream
Spiral ever inward
Nevermore to dream
Cutting to windward

Breathing ashes
Choking on nightfall
Lightning clashes
No thunder at all

Softly sowing the seeds of autumn
Softly crowing dark angels condemn

Caught in a whirlpool tonight
Emptiness searching, no light
Smothered by the net
Bloody is the debt
All of our cries swept away

Together alone
Hearts born to bleed
Together we moan
And nourish the seed
Brittle hearts break
Cannot stand the weight
Sinking in the lake
The water is our fate

Softly knowing our souls to mend
Softly rowing dark rivers end
Upon the shore the empty men dwell
And our fathers wave farewell

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